Who We Are

We are a diverse group of locally owned, independent small businesses, associations and organizations seeking fairness and clarity on the new rules of the unlimited joint employer doctrine.


Statesman Journal: It’s time to end partisan gridlock and work together to protect jobs

By Jason Brandt | So many issues facing Oregon remain unsettled because of partisan gridlock, from ensuring healthcare access to solving income inequality. It’s refreshing when our representatives can agree on change that could have a very positive impact on our state.


NJ BIZ: Time for Congress to come together on joint employer

By Mike Veneziano | New Jersey’s beaches, casinos, national parks and world-famous agricultural products have long attracted local residents and U.S. and international tourists alike. Together they spend $50 billion on food and drink, at hotels and lodges, and in retail establishments statewide.


Tampa Bay Times: Bill helps small businesses thrive

Letter to the editor: From the charming downtown of Tarpon Springs to the award-winning beaches of St. Pete Beach, it's no surprise that Pinellas County is one of the top tourist destinations along the Gulf Coast. With more than 15 million visitors each year that create more than $10 billion in economic impact, the tourism industry is the backbone of the region's economy.