IFA Convention Shines Spotlight on CSLB and Need for Engagement

If there is power in numbers, the franchise sector is in a good position.

Close to 4,000 individual franchise business owners are attending the International Franchise Association’s 55th annual convention this week in Las Vegas – record-breaking attendance.  Nationwide, more than 12,000 new franchise businesses are expected to open this year, creating a projected 247,000 new jobs.  That’s on top of the 780,000 franchise businesses already employing 8.9 million people throughout the country.

With such robust growth, the task at hand is mobilizing this vast army of entrepreneurs against existential threats they face from local, state and federal policies, specifically the pending adoption of a new definition of joint employer by the National Labor Relations Board.

IFA President & CEO Steve Caldeira warned attendees the expanded definition of joint employer is a threat to the foundation of a business model that has made franchising so successful for so many years. If the NLRB succeeds in imposing this new definition, it would mean fewer business and fewer jobs.

In keeping with the convention’s theme of “connect, innovate and evolve,” Caldeira urged those in attendance to join, support and become active in initiatives such as the Coalition to Save Local Businesses in order to preserve jobs and small business ownership opportunities.

“It’s time to act. It’s time to get involved,” he said. “Now is the time to protect and advance this great industry.”