Who We Are

We are a diverse group of locally owned, independent small businesses, associations and organizations seeking fairness and clarity on the new rules of the unlimited joint employer doctrine.


Bloomberg: White House Working to Address Joint Employer Issue, Pence Says

The Trump administration is working to unwind the controversial expansion of joint employer liability for businesses in franchise and other affiliated relationships, Vice President Mike Pence told a retail industry lobbying group July 18. … Critics say the decision—and moves to broaden joint employer liability under other federal and state laws—could change the way companies in franchise, staffing, and other contractual relationships do business by forcing them to take a more active role in labor issues.


Washington Examiner: NLRB policy could stifle expansion of apprenticeships and worker training opportunities

By Trey Kovacs | As extremely partisan as Congress has become nowadays, there are glimmers of hope for agreement on reforms to help boost jobs and economic opportunity. Republicans, Democrats, and the business community should be able to all get on board with ideas that promote a higher-skilled workforce.


The Hill: Congress must act to protect local businesses from joint employer scheme

By Rep. Virginia Foxx (R, NC-05) | Far too often in Washington, D.C., when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That certainly seemed to be the mindset of government bureaucrats during the Obama administration.