CSLB Expands Nationwide as Momentum Builds to Overturn Job-Killing Joint Employer Rule

WASHINGTON – Michael Layman, senior advisor to the Coalition to Save Local Businesses (CSLB), today issued the following statement highlighting CSLB’s rapid nationwide growth. Since its November relaunch, CSLB has driven almost 60 groups across 10 states to call on their state congressional…

How do you feel about the joint employer rule?

Starting a small business requires determination and hard work. The #JobKillingJointEmployer rule hurts millions aspiring business owners who are trying to achieve the American Dream.

Labor Rule Challengers Add Congressional Resolutions to Arsenal

“There is a bipartisan majority of the US Congress that believes that this definition of joint employment goes much too far and has significant consequences on the franchise model and other forms of business business relationships.” Read more in Bloomberg Law here.