Small Businesses Fight Back Against Federal Labor Board

By Connor D. Wolf, Daily Caller Franchise owners will appear before a Senate hearing Thursday to explain how a recent labor board rule impacts their businesses. Last year, the National Labor Relations Board issued a decision making franchisors joint-employers with the individual franchisees they contract out to. The decision has the…

Nobody Wins: The NLRB Goes To War Against McDonald’s

By Peter N. Kirsanow, As a former member of the National Labor Relations Board, I am a firm believer in the agency’s mission to safeguard the rights of employees, remedy unfair labor practices and interpret the law as it applies to private-sector employers and unions. Today, the impartial balance…

Local Franchise Owner Meets with Comstock as Part of Campaign Against Regulation Change

By Dusty Smith, Ashburn Rising The operator of more than 50 Applebee’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill franchises in Virginia called on U.S. Rep.-elect Barbara Comstock (R-VA-10) to serve as a watchdog against government regulations that could impact small business.