Letter: Sens. Hoeven, Heitkamp listening to North Dakota’s small businesses

By Clara Stokeland from Fargo I  recently traveled to Washington, D.C., to share my small-business story. I wanted to explain why it’s so vital to the viability of millions of small businesses and the 780,000 franchise businesses in America for Congress to reinstate the very successful “joint employer”…

Franchisor isn’t reassured when told NLRB will decide ‘joint employer’ issue on case-by-case basis

By Kent Hoover, Washington Bureau Chief, The Business Journals A Senate hearing is not a usual venue for legal advice, but a labor attorney tried to reassure a franchisor there that the National Labor Relations Board would not consider her to be a “joint employer” of employees who work…

Wall Street Journal: The Golden Goose Is on the Run

By Bob Funk Oct. 12, 2015 7:09 p.m. ET With the unemployment rate at 5.1% and second-quarter GDP growth at an annual rate of 3.9%, some economists can claim that the economy is chugging along fine. But from where I sit on Main Street, that’s not the way it is.