Stories of a Small Business Owner: Jeffrey in Delaware


We’re continuing to share stories from small business owners who are expressing their concerns over the #JobKillingJointEmployer rule. If you own and operate a small business, share your story here:

Here’s what Jeffrey in Delaware shared:

“Being a small business owner in the franchise environment has made me wear many hats. We are the human resource department, we are the maintenance department, we are the purchasing department, we are the receiving department, we are the shipping and logistics department, we are the cleaning crew, we are the accountants, we are the advertising department, we are the safety department, we are the complaint department and finally we are government affairs and tax department, which is the department that continues to grow layers of restrictions, costs and reporting.

Adding these layers and costs when met with the cost of increasing material and labor creates a nightmare of money invested, time and energy sacrificed for a gloomy look at times to come.

This new proposal slows or even eliminates the ability for a franchise system to grow and improve. When evaluating your performance to provide the best possible outcome for both your staff and customers, this causes you to halt, adjust and consider whether or not you can continue, due to the restrictions being applied in this new joint employer rule. This will lead to slow to no growth, unsatisfied employees and consumers and at last a demise of Franchise systems and American opportunities!”

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