About the Coalition

Launched in 2015, the Coalition to Save Local Businesses (CSLB) is a diverse group of businesses, associations and organizations dedicated to supporting a common-sense joint employer standard at the state and federal levels that allows workers and local businesses to thrive. Small, independent businesses across the country are under attack by a new burdensome joint employer rule by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that will cost jobs and increase frivolous litigation.

The below organizations signed a November 2023 letter to Congress urging members to nullify the NLRB’s joint employer final rule by utilizing the Congressional Review Act:


Organizations in 10 key states have also sent letters to their state congressional delegations urging the use of the CRA to overturn the job-killing joint employer rule:


An additional 30 groups also sent a letter to Members of Congress encouraging the passage of the CRA.

“In an economic environment already destabilized by inflation and overregulation, America’s small businesses cannot afford for the NLRB to push forward with more costly mandates,” said the letter signers.

You can read the full letter here.